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The Tourney (2015)

by on August 30, 2015

Good times at the tourney. Did a nice embu with Ian despite having no more than a dozen reps together.

Played the way I wanted in individuals, and then again in team competition.

Won a match on a whole bunch of stabs. Played the champion. Tried to skunk a garbage-time match and somehow ended up getting a kaeshiwaza wazaari (?!) that people tell me was nice.

My only regret was my last match anchoring the team for the bronze. I only trained and intended to play on my terms. And I succeeded by my criteria. Got stabbed a few times, (and did some stabbing), was pushed around a bit, but never was thrown, and had two very safe, (virtually) effortless, clean throws while keeping my own posture. The best aikido I could have ever hoped to do.

Unfortunately for my teammates, the rules do not allow such counters, so while I may have won the fight, I lost the game and we come back without medals. Apologies guys, for holding you all hostage to my high-horse aiki-snobbery.

Next time.

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