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First Tuesday class

by on July 8, 2014

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our first Tuesday 8pm practice, we had a great turnout!

We also managed to get through a whole bunch of techniques despite the shorter class. We did a bunch of kuzushiwaza applications:

= Cross-hand grab -> oshitaoshi (ikkyo)
= Same-side grab -> hikitaoshi

= Cross-hand grab -> ushiroate
逆構え片手取り転回小手返し (四方投げ)
= Same-side grab -> tenkai-kote-gaeshi (shihonage)

= Same-side grab -> kotegaeshi

We then managed to have about 20 minutes of some very solid randori, from wrist grabs followed, if appropriate, by simulated strikes. Well done everyone!

As I have mentioned we are hoping to be able to move up to the 7pm slot if possible, but I haven’t heard about that yet.

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