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My Hero

by on April 23, 2014

A while ago I posted a video on this blog that I later had to take down.

It was some final thoughts at the end of a seminar which were said earnestly, and I posted just as earnestly, while having a little fun with what I recognized was not a typical martial arts message.

Unfortunately, they were taken out of context by a few people, and I realized too late that my earnest advice-sharing could be misconstrued as a smear, and I immediately worked my tail off to erase all traces of the video’s existence.

I wish I could repost those words here as a prelude to this next video I found recently, but instead I will have to paraphrase them.

In my teens there was a period where literally every other movie I saw was a Jackie Chan movie. He was (and is) my hero. There is an important lesson we can learn from Jackie Chan’s approach to conflict which is this: have the skills and courage to hold your own when you absolutely have to, but run when you can.

What’s important to you? What are you trying to prove? If you are taking a martial art for the sake of safety, then you should recognize that fleeing is a great way to remain safe, and just like kotegaeishi, it is a skill you can improve with steady practice.

These days they call it Parkour, which I loved the minute I saw a video of David Belle – because I already knew and loved it. Back in the day it may not have had a name, but Jackie Chan was a master.

And, as a bonus, a little David Belle:

And the credits:

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