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Zenshin-Koshin Footwork

by on October 2, 2013

At some point I might write up something about my last few days in Japan – 6 practices at the Aikikai Honbu dojo, and some very interesting tidbits from Sato sensei at my final Kisuikan practice. But at the moment I’m just going to share a bit from the notes I just wrote up from my first Ki Society practice here in Houston (where I’m visiting with Tim in anticipation of Henry Kono’s seminar).

Then I’m going to hit the sack. Hard.

From my notes:

Zenshin-Koshin footwork: This is the weird skipping thing that I’ve noticed the Keio Daigaku Ki Society students performing. Basically it allows you to cover more distance quickly. The process for going backwards: from hanmi: Start bringing the forward foot back. As you do, do a skip with the foot that was back, and will be the lead foot. Don’t focus on bringing the former lead foot back. Focus on the skip and the new back foot will sort itself out on its own.

Moving forwards is the reverse, but backwards seems to be especially important.

As you get better, you can focus on making the skip more and more a horizontal, rather than a vertical motion. However, at first it sounds like it may be wise just to get used to the skipping feeling.

Another thing you can focus on as you improve is linking multiple skips together (skip on one leg, then the next).

Finally, of course, you have to remember that you are always going forwards. Even if you are moving backwards, you are coming forwards!

I really want to play with this footwork. Tim, who obviously has had a good bit of practice, was able to cover a surprising amount of ground very quickly. (As well as put some good black sneaker scuffs on his living room floor…)

OK. Time for bed.

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