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The Benefits of (Market) Competition

by on September 20, 2013

I have deplored as much as anyone the recent unpleasantness among the various factions of the formerly unitary JAA in Japan. However, it occurred to me just now, as I was thinking of what sort of quick-hit I might write after the first day and a half of the taikai, that we might actually be benefiting from a certain form of competition.

Of course, the opening party last night and the opening ceremony today were filled with the usual interminable Japanese speachifying (and the accompanying translations) but it occurred to me that the format of the day’s seminars – drawing on the collective expertise of senseis from all over the (JAA lineage) world – in what seemed a very open-minded fashion – might never have happened if the JAA didn’t feel the pressing need to appeal we foreigners, who could just as easily choose to attend a Shodokan event the next time around.

Mostly I just wish that everyone would just get along, but since we are in this current period of unpleasantness, it’s nice to think that there might be a bright side: that the need to appeal to the fickle foreigners will help both of the Japanese organizations grow and evolve.

I’ve done my best to record all of the seminars and people have already been putting in requests for the footage. I’ll be happy to supply it at some point, but if you are one of those people, please understand that I am always very slow with these sorts of things.

Toriaezu ijo desu.

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