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Lounging around with Team USA advance squad

by on September 17, 2013

A quick hit from my iPod: met up with Ian and Josh and we paid for a little mat time at the Shinjuku Sports Center (in Takadanobaba…) got to run through the 17 with my actual partner (what a luxury!!) as well as Dai San. Not perfect by a long shot, but I think we’ll do OK. Then played some light (ish – I effed up the last bone in a finger – caught in a gi…) the first trial run of my “try to maintain a feeling of vulnerability and keep your feet weak and moving” strategy. I held my own against two strong players, so I’m definitely doubling down on this whole vulnerability head-trip. We’ll see what comes of it.

Kitsui-kan practice with Satoh sensei in the evening where we went over a few of the things that Satoh explained to me in 2009. I think they made a little more sense this time.

I wrote some notes on paper on the subway back. If there’s any demand I may type them up here.

Looking forward to morning practice at Waseda. Not looking forwards to switching hostels afterwards. Ah well.

Free welcome drink – imo jochyu again I think, and then bed.

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