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Advice from Joe

by on June 23, 2013

Hello, my name is Charlie Hudson, I’m a freelance videographer, and today I’m going to tell you the story of two blogs. The first blog is the one you’re reading now, 207aikido. The second is my nascent video blog, Reanderthal.

I have the same issue with both blogs – my capacity to dream up interesting videos far outstrips the free time in which I might make them.

This leaves me with a conundrum – regularity, or creative expression? I don’t recall ever sitting down and choosing, but somehow, at some point, a choice seems to have been made.

For some reason, with Reanderthal I chose expression. I’ve shot a few things, but basically I’ve only put out one video, with a whole bunch more material coupes up in my head, waiting until I have the time to do it justice.

With this blog on the other hand, at some point, for whatever reason, I chose regularity. I do have a few big ideas I’d like to bring to life at some point, one in particular that I’ve wanted to do for years, but in the interim I’ve been handing a camera to Chad and prattling on for a few minutes about some minor topic or other. (And I can’t even manage to release these simple videos weekly!)

Are these videos relevant to anyone beyond myself? I don’t know, perhaps a few? Do they live up to my standards as a filmmaker? Hardly.

All of this to introduce this week’s video: a little tidbit I picked up from Joe at the recent Kono seminar in Burlington.

In a way, this little bit of wisdom sounds as mundane as the video it’s presented in.

I’ve probably heard people say some variation of what Joe said 1000 times before, but there was something about the way Joe said it, or perhaps it was my own readiness to hear it, or understand it at a deeper level – whatever it was, it felt like a big breakthrough for me.

That’s the way aikido is – you can say the most obvious sounding things with a straight face as if they are profound breakthroughs.

That’s exactly what this was for me, but whether it will click for anyone else, I have no idea.

Next up will most likely be a request I got last week for Kono sensei doing a specific technique. The nice thing about requests is I know it will be relevant for at least one person.

So if you have any requests, don’t hesitate to send them in!

And one of these days, if I can ever get my act together, I may make that series that I’ve had in my head since the beginning…

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