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Peering into the Past

by on May 24, 2013

Recently, an book on Tomiki aikido from 1966 came across my radar on the Study Group Tomiki Aikido FB page. The title is “Aikido: A Dialogue of Movement” and it was written by John Wilkinson. I didn’t have time to properly digest the post (like most of the things I see on Facebook…) so I put the title on my reading list and moved on, noting with disappointment that the title was not available on Amazon, and wondering how I would find it.

Well the wondering is over. This afternoon I happened to look at the post again, and realized that the link to the book included scans of EVERY PAGE! The link WAS the book!

I’ll put the link here for anyone who’s interested that: a) isn’t in S.G.T.A. on Facebook, or b) is a moron like myself.

Thanks to John Wilkinson (I assume) for making it available, and Eddy Wolput for bringing it to our attention!


Other materials appear to be available at, including a book by Senta Yamada and Alex Macintosh.

RMR 2013 DVD update: After sorting out a few compression issues with the Dai San sequence and a couple of wonky menus, I believe my work on the DVD is done. I’ll be sending the DVD out to a drop-shipping service today and hopefully it will be ready to ship sometime next week.

I was a little disappointed with the way some of my (AVCHD) footage compressed down to SD, especially with the constraints of having to fit everything onto one disk. Still, it’s instructional material, and I think the instruction comes through very clearly. If you’d be interested in a Blue-Ray disk rather than a DVD let me know. If there’s enough interest I could convert it over.

Next up I’ll be doing subtitles for the Sata 2-dvd set. That will be available at some point from the TAA, but don’t hold your breath.

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