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Hiji Mochi no Tsukuri

by on May 15, 2013

I’m starting to work my way out from underneath my backlog of local video work, which is allowing me to turn my attention to a couple of aikido DVD projects which I’ve kept postponing. For those of you who have already contacted me about getting a 2013 RMR DVD, and especially to those of you who have already given me money, I appreciate your patience! I hope to have something ready to ship soon.

I am also in the early stages of putting together English subtitles for Tadoyuki Sato Sensei’s DVD which will be available through the TAA. (Sean, I’m trying to get to it as quickly as I can!)

In putting together the titles for the RMR DVDs I always like to have the correct names for kata and drills. This may not matter much to most people, but I like to get these things right. I’m not bothering with kanji this year like I did for 2010 and 2011, but I am at least trying to get the names correct. This leads to the occasional google search when I’m unsure, which brings me to today’s topic – the Hiji Mochi no Tsukuri.

The Hiji Mochi no Tsukuri is a set of drills put together, fairly recently I believe, for tanto randori by the JAA. I don’t remember practicing these drills when I was a student at Vassar, I think my first exposure was at the Shodokan or perhaps Yamagata sensei’s practices in Ono. Of course these drills are standard fare these days in Japan and I always felt silly fumbling my way through unfamiliar material that was part of the kyu curriculum at the Shodokan.

Due to time constraints, we don’t spend much time on drills at our practices, but on occasion I have tried to cover the Hiji Mochi no Tsukuri. Oshitaoshi, which Dziubla sensei introduced at the RMR, I can remember. The one I would always have to slowly reason my way through is the third – tenkai kote gaeshi.

So I was quite happy when I came across the video below with Sakai sensei presenting the hiji mochi no tsukuri. Enjoy…

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