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Working at the edges / Contradictions at the Jiku

by on May 4, 2013

I just got back, exhausted, from a David Farrell seminar in Portland. It’s always fun to visit different dojos and attempt new techniques, or familiar techniques in new ways. I have to admit though – hanmi always confuses me. Ukes are always trying to read which hand I want them to punch me with by which foot I have forward, but of course I don’t know, so I’ve just picked a random foot – hoping to sort it all out once the action starts. Sometimes I try standing in shizentai and letting them choose, but that just confuses people even more…

I don’t know how they all keep track.

David Farrell’s aikido looks very different from a lot of the stuff we’ve been doing recently, but of course, as with any good aikidoka, the principals are all there. He’s certainly connected, and he’s certainly working the edges of techniques.

I think the primary difference with Farrell sensei’s aikido is that he (along with most Aikikai practitioners I see) likes to put the jiku in different places than I am accustomed to for various techniques. Farrell sensei works with the jiku in the shoulder a lot, although there is a fair amount of switching back and forth from the wrist to the shoulder and vice versa. By contrast Kono sensei almost exclusively uses the first point of contact (usually the wrist) as the jiku, and I think we occasionally use the elbow in Tomiki aikido, something the Aikikai folks don’t seem to do.

Speaking of jikus and edges, here is a series of videos we shot this Monday covering some principals we were playing around with. As per usual, we shot these videos before perfecting any of the techniques, so take them with a grain of salt – and don’t hesitate to give us feedback or criticism in the comments. Yoroshiku!

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