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Thanks again Kate!

by on April 11, 2013

Things are still hectic here, I was supposed to leave earlier this afternoon on a 2-day leisurely jaunt down to northern VA to another seminar with Henry Kono, but I couldn’t get things wrapped up in time and instead find myself still at home. Now the plan is to head out early early tomorrow morning and drive all day tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers that there isn’t sleet tonight.

We shot a new video for the first time in a while this Monday (some thoughts on gyakugamaeate), but there hasn’t been any time to deal with it. Luckily I have something else to post, thanks to Kate Wang’s archive.

Here are a few more videos she took at an afternoon practice at Waseda University a week or so after the 2009 internationals in Kyoto.

In these videos Shishida sensei shows us a couple of different variations on sumiotoshi.

One of the things Shishida sensei was focusing on was timing the throw with the movement of uke’s foot – and how to manipulate uke’s foot. We may have been approaching sumi otoshi differently recently, but there is a big common denominator. Whether you’re trying to glue uke’s foot to the mat or trying to get uke to take a step, you still have to be connected ALL THE WAY TO UKE’S FOOT to have it work properly.

There’s probably a lot more wisdom that could be gleaned from these clips, but I have to get to bed.


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