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Any good videos or advice for koshinage?

by on December 10, 2012

Tonight we spent a lot of time messing around with koshinage. It’s a glaring weakness in my repertoire. It’s not on the Tomiki JAA/Shodokan/TAA curriculum, I assume because he considered it to be more of a judo techinque than an aikido technique, and since he taught both arts, he decided to leave koshinage with judo.

When I studied Aikikai in Japan we only covered koshinage a handful of times. We were often in a smaller dojo above Kaneko sensei’s garage which wasn’t the place for harder falls. We’ve worked on koshinage a few times with the Midcoast Aikido Club, but not nearly enough. For whatever reason, I really haven’t had the chance get a lot of instruction or iron out kinks in my koshinage. Tonight was a good first step, but I need more.

If you know of any really good instructional videos on koshinage, or have any tips, please share them in the comments.


  1. You’re liable (IMHO đŸ˜‰ to find some good hints in this set of articles…

    Like you, we don’t have koshinage as an explicit part of our aikido syllabus, but it turns out that it is sort of a by-product of working iriminage – most of the time uke will fall backward out of iriminage but every so often uke will jump forward over your hip when you do iriminage. When that happens, you just draw a bullseye around it and state confidently, “I meant to do koshinage!” đŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the link Pat. I thought for a while it was just the first post, which was really above the level I’m looking for, especially since I’ve never taken judo. Then I realized how much material is here. This will keep me occupied for a long time. Cheers!

  2. I have been doing a fair bit of koshi-nage lately. I will have to shoot you some video.

    • That would be awesome. We’re all at a pretty low level with koshinage, so any pointers on the fundamentals would be especially appreciated.

  3. Sloan sensei, one of the Kaze Uta Budo Kai teachers, has some Judo videos worth a looky loo

    Start with uki goshi or Ogoshi

  4. sasham permalink

    I had the same question some time ago. Short answer is that there is not much on Koshinage from aikido perspective. There is one video which I used and it is by Yoshimitsu Yamada of Aikikai, he does a quite nice and effective koshinage from the double hand grasp. I thinkt its one of these:
    And if you want you can see how I did it on my exam here:

    • Some of those Yamada videos look like they might help. Thanks!

      BTW, how do you like Ubuntu? I just installed ubuntu on an old powerpc laptop to experiment with. Unfortunately, a number of things aren’t supported on the ppc anymore, but it’s better than apple which completely abandoned ppcs. Obviously they want to sell me a new laptop…

      • sasham permalink

        Where did you get that I use Ubuntu? đŸ™‚
        I am quite happy with it. I use Ubuntu only, that is how satisfied I am with it. Simple, safe, great support from a large user community. Occasionally some issues with hardware support, but that is something you find everywhere.

    • On the Yamada google search you posted it says “client=ubuntu” : )

  5. sasham permalink

    Ah yes, there is one book by Morihiro Saito on Koshinage offered by Aiki news, I think Saito Sensei was a master of this technique (among many others of course). If it helps.

    • I think I may actually have purchased that e-book, but then haven’t actually gotten around to reading it. However text or pictures can only get you so far. I think what I really need is to feel some good koshinages.

  6. John Hillson permalink

    Had a few Aikikai derived thoughts of my own, and this is still there though I’ve had to adjust my thinking a bit.

    A couple of exercises that I try with people learning to be good uke for koshinage practice

    Other stuff

    I don’t have this stuff figured out for myself, and this may already be stuff you’ve got down.

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