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More from Galway: Tyler’s Ukemi Class

by on July 26, 2012

Here I present highlights from a class that Tyler Crandall from Aikido in Balance taught in the Thursday afternoon session of the 2012 Aikido Summer School in Galway, Ireland.

It’s a long video (15 minutes) but I think the perspective that Tyler presents will be new enough to many people that it warrants extra time. I also didn’t have time to whittle it down before heading out for the MovNat seminar early tomorrow morning.

Tyler basically talks about learning to throw yourself – an idea I would have snickered at when I began in Tomiki aikido. There’s some real value in what he says though, and I encourage everyone to take a look:

Also, some good news: I’ve managed to put together a DVD of the 2012 RMR seminars! I couldn’t take as much time as I have in the past in designing the menus, but they should be serviceable, and all of the seminar material is accessible by extensive chapters, which is the important thing. I’m going to burn a number of copies to take out to Nationals, and I’ll try to make the disk available online after I return.

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