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Having the Patience to be an Observer

by on July 20, 2012

I returned from Ireland this past weekend. I had a great time at the 2012 Aikido summer school in Galway. It was a week of classes taught by Henry Kono sensei and students of Alan Ruddock sensei who passed away earlier this year.

Aside: I never got a chance to meet Alan Ruddock sensei. If his students are any indication, he was an extraordinary aikidoka. From what I understand, he was practicing aikido right up until the end. Here’s a quick clip of him teaching a few months before his passing:

I filmed nearly all of the seminars and consequently have tons of footage which will hopefully become fodder for upcoming posts.

A week is a great time frame because you have time to ruminate on ideas much longer than you would at a weekend seminar. For my first post I present one of those ideas that I was ruminating on throughout the week: the idea of being an observer, and having the patience to restrain yourself and allow a technique to happen on its own.

I don’t think Henry ever talked about this explicitly, but I’ve included a few moments from his seminars that got me thinking about the idea. (Of course in these clips he’s talking about other things as well!)

I may have time for one more video with Galway footage, perhaps early next week, but then I’ll be heading out of town again. This time I’ll be going to a MovNat evolutionary fitness seminar in WV

(I’m really psyched!)

and from there to the U.S. National Tomiki Aikido tournament in L.A.

I hope to post about MovNat and nationals shortly after returning home in early August, but I’ll no doubt have a big backlog of work to get through as well.

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