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First thoughts on Musubi practice (as it relates to ura oshitaoshi)

by on May 28, 2012

In the comments to my latest post on connection our friend Eric posted this video:

I had never seen this drill before, and I was instantly intrigued. We experimented with it a little in our next practice. It’s harder than Lowry sensei makes it look, and I’ve got a long way to go before I feel that I “get it” but here are a few initial thoughts:

In some ways, it feels very familiar. We could feel that there was a path along which the energy had to flow, and if you “bumped into” uke’s path of resistance it gave him something to resist with. In this respect it felt like the connection drill and some of Kono sensei’s exercises that we had played with earlier.

The biggest difference is that, where the connection drill and many of kono sensei’s techniques seem to require that your arm form a parallel line to uke’s arm, this musubi practice allows you to form connection to uke while your arm is perpendicular to uke’s arm. However, the energy cannot “cross” uke’s line of resistance. Therefore, though your arm may be perpindicular to uke’s arm, it seems that the energy is going to have to run parallel to uke’s arm. In order to make this work while keeping your own arm in your center you will either have to move your feet parallel to uke’s arm, or introduce a curve in the system that flows with the curves you can create with your shoulders or hips.

After playing with the connection exercise we moved onto some of the 5th kyu curriculum which one of our students is preparing for. Right away we were able to see some of the ways the musubi practice could be applied:

Interesting stuff.

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  1. Sweet. I think you got the gist. Exact stuff we are playing with heavy now. Using the length of the bones as a pushing stick like a jo, rather than pressing into them – and the bulk of the opponents structure.

    Another way I see it is moving around structure to move structure around.

    I am overjoyed we are developing into an online idea share dojo of sorts – sharing ideas from across the country. Cool stuff. I insist you will have to visit someday.

  2. Its always a good time to visit.

  3. Fascinating subject, and an excellently clear explanation of what’s going on.

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