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JAA exploded!?

by on May 2, 2012

It seems that the JAA (Aikido Kyokai) has just exploded. The differences between Nariyama-shihan and Shishida-shihan, which had been building for years, finally boiled over. This via an (unsurprisingly) one-sided from Nariyama-shihan which was forwarded to me. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more political intrigue behind that, but, frankly, I don’t care.

My only concern is: what is the best way to continue training with my friends in both camps?

Speaking of different groups, Eric over at The Dragon’s Orb has a new post up on Sotai Taiso with a bunch of videos that I’m eager to digest when I get the time. I think there are a lot of interesting things to be found at the intersection of the kuzushiwaza and the releases.

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  1. I suggest watching the Lowery videos first. The releases are really an ingenious little exercise, and he presents them well.

  2. I just got the email. Exploded indeed.

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