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Compare and contrast

by on April 26, 2012

Last night Chad and I held what was probably the last martial arts practice in Master Hall’s old dojo. The old dojo we’ve been in is now going to be strictly fitness, and the martial arts stuff will be in an adjoining space. Ed and Lisa Hall have been working hard on it, and it’s going to be nice. We’re lucky to be in the situation we’re in!

I’ve got a video on a Kono sensei exercise half-baked, but I don’t have the time or the free hard drive space to finish it yet. Luckily I do have a couple of things off of YouTube to share:

Here some of Nariyama shihan’s deshis demonstrate the current orthodox Shodokan way of doing the Goshin no Kata Dai San:

Compare that to what Tomiki and Oba sensei’s were doing in the 60’s: (video via Eric the Strange’s blog The Dragon’s Orb)

Also, a note: we will probably be going down to one practice/week over the summer, but other Midcoast Aikido folks will be practicing Thursday and Sunday, and I’m sure they would love visitors!

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