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By Request: Iriminage

by on April 13, 2012

We got a message from a YouTube subscriber a few weeks back requesting we go over some basic techniques. Of course, everyone’s ideas of basic techniques is different, and often it’s the basic techniques that require the most subtle understanding, but he (or she!) gave iriminage and nikkyo as examples.

I don’t see our videos as instructional material so much as progress reports, and I hesitate to try to speak with authority on any technique because I know in 6 months my view will have evolved, but I’m happy to report on some of our current musings, and luckily we had been doing a little thinking about iriminage.

Here we discuss one of the principals involved in iriminage:

We’ve got a couple more videos in the can and hopefully we’ll start posting a little more regularly again. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Yeah Aigamae Ate is absolutely the same thing as this form of irimi nage. Sadly most Tomiki people get too rigid and never experiment with all the variations that stem from kata. You should be able to look at almost anything Ueshuba does and call off the numbers from the 17. (you have to add move 10.5 Kote Mawashi)

    We do have this form of Irimi Nage in Tomiki Aikido. It comes from Kogure Sensei’s kata called O Waza Ju Pon. The Big 10. it is the 5th movement in the kata. In Tomiki lineage aikido it is called Aiki Nage, or in older copies I have also seen it referred as Aigamae Ate.

  2. It’s also in the Goshin Ho and the Go no Sen no Kuzushi (aka kuzushiwaza) Urawaza, but most beginners in Tomiki won’t have much experience with it.

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