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Back from vacation, no videos for a bit

by on March 21, 2012

I got back from vacation last weekend, and I’m back into the swing of classes. We’ve been going over the juppon ura waza for the past couple of practices, which is one of those kata that I don’t get to practice often enough. After Monday’s class we had some questions about a few of the techniques that I could have sworn I had seen Endo sensei demonstrating. I went through all of my RMR and CIG DVDs until I realized it was from this year’s RMR which I haven’t had time to put on DVD yet. (I swear a DVD is coming eventually!)

We tried to watch some of the raw footage in class, but that didn’t work out, so we went back to our old standby: experimentation. We actually had a few breakthroughs, the best being on kotegaeshi => kotegaeshi, where we discovered something about uke’s foot movement (and by extension, tori’s movements). I’m too swamped with other work to bother with a video right now, and we have some more experimenting to do anyways, but we may post something on that later.

Quick hits:

Our “soft soft” has also evolved enormously in recent practices. Eric and I wrapped up class with what we both felt was our best round of “soft soft” ever (and we’ve played a LOT of soft soft together). Fun stuff.

It sounds like Master Hall is putting together a basic self-defense DVD with Bob Smart (from the Midcoast Aikido club) as his uke. They were working on techniques on one corner of the mat during our practice. I’ll be interested to see how that comes out.

Apropos of nothing: ukemi is unsettling with freshly pierced ears, but shihonage is downright dangerous.

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  1. Soft soft? I like it already. I want to see-see.

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