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Warren’s Ushiro Variation

by on February 23, 2012

Here’s one little tidbit from the CIG training at the Rocky Mountain Regional: a variation of the gyakugamae katatedori ushiroate for kyu ranks. Thanks to Warren for coming up with the idea, and to Ash for some of the insight into how it works. Apologies for the low light – I forgot to turn the exposure to automatic before handing my camera off…

Things have been hectic here, but hopefully I will soon have time to work on the RMR and Kono sensei seminar DVDs. I’ll post a few highlights here when I have them.

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  1. Bode Sensei does a lot of these types of strips with the release motions. He moves into any number of the seventeen from most any release motion using this.

    I used to push at the contact point like you are demonstrating here. I am playing around more with the jiku (pivot point.) Try leaving the connection point alone and rotating your body around it. It should send less information to your partner. Just a thought.

    • Don’t move the jiku! We’ve been playing around with that too (as you know) but it’s always good to have an extra set of eyes keeping you honest…

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