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Midcoast Aikido Club

by on December 1, 2011

Tonight I was able to make it to my first Thursday practice in a while. Thursday and Sunday practices are run by Wes Andrenyak Sensei and Scott Worthing Sensei of the Midcoast Aikido Club, and they have a slightly different flavor from the classes we run on Monday and Wednesday. It’s always good to have someone looking at your techniques from a different perspective, especially if they have as much experience as Wes sensei (30+ years). I find Wes and Scott sensei’s observations and advice very valuable for my continuing development, and I encourage anyone who is interested to check out their classes as well as my own.

There is a link to the Midcoast Aikido Club website on the right, but I’ll put one here in the post as well.

No kotegaeshi video yet as we had to cancel Wednesday’s class, but continuing with the theme of different flavors, here is a video of Tetsuzan Kuroda sensei, who Toby Threadgill insists must be an alien.

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