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Episode 4: Gedan Kuzushiwaza

by on November 28, 2011

In this video we continue our experiments with the kuzushiwaza, this time with the gedan (low level) pair.

The first step was to reverse-engineer plausible attacks from my cryptic notes from Japan. Once we had the attacks down it was pretty straightforward to apply the same principals as in the earlier kuzushiwaza.

It was like magic. The less I tried to do, the more it looked correct. For the first time in my Tomiki aikido career I felt that uke was plausibly holding on to my hand at the end.  And uke wasn’t just holding on, I was connected. I had learned long ago how to make the finish look more or less correct, but this was something different.

Everyone else was able to pick up the technique pretty quickly as well. As uke I found myself constantly lying on the mat, laughing. The back fall had always been something for show. You held on to tori’s hand against all instinct and allowed him to stretch you out. But with this new mindset there was no choice. You went to push tori’s hand down and you ended up on your back. It really was like magic. I couldn’t keep from laughing.

Here we are demonstrating the techinques:

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