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Episode 2: A simple leg technique

by on November 22, 2011

This past Wednesday Master Hall, who runs the gym we train in, asked us to come in and teach a few techniques off of punches and kicks for his Taekwondo class. The Tomiki kata don’t really deal with Taekwondo style strikes, nor does our randori system. Luckily, the Tomiki system of drills (that often seem like the least interesting part of class to a beginner) teach important fundamental principals that can be applied to almost any situation.

The more we’ve come to understand the drills the more valuable we realize they are. Some brief experimentation gave us this simple technique off of the drill ippon bogyo.

What are your favorite techniques against kicks?

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  1. Nice experiment. However I disagree with the strategy. Entering is a yes, but it violates principle (as I see it) to jam the leg. Let the leg kick, and reshape it in the air. The simplest and most effective way to cause kuzushi is a kicking man is to aid him in having his kicking leg land where he is not expecting it – say an inch or two forward. Try blending with the kick and placing his foot somewhere else. The result is that upon the kicking foot hitting the ground, his structure is incredibly unstable.

    • Good point. I’m generally of the opinion that you should not meet force with force in aikido, so I like your strategy. The kick portions of gasho no rensyu and ippon bogyo seem to be exceptions to the rule (though you are jamming the chamber, not the kick itself). This seems like a good subject for further experimentation.

  2. Ash permalink

    Nice. This is very similar to my favorite gedanate variation, where instead of trying to get my triceps along uke’s torso (and thus my elbow at their opposite hip), or even to align my triceps with their center line, I can just put a tegatana on the near hip and drive it out and then down.

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